tornitura, fresatura For over 35 years we put our experience at your service
We operate since 1978 in the field of mechanical engineering realizing special machines, equipment and industrial engineering design and projects.
We are specialized in manufacturing, machining, heat-surface treatment and assembly, special designed spare parts, spare parts and prototypes.

Our history
Officina Meccanica Diemme s.n.c. was born from the desire of Marino and Dante Lambertini who put the passion and experience at the disposal of the packaging and automatic machines in general.

The continuous collaboration for the construction of parts for the tobacco industry, pharmaceuticals, tea, coffee, and cosmetics, has pushed our structure to achieve the best standards of quality and efficiency.
Diemme s.r.l. is now a family company that has efficient CNC machines, which combined with the experience and professionalism of our staff, enables precision machining of a wide range of metallic materials, polymeric mixed and light alloys.
We are structured for the management and development of orders, including the assembly of mechanical groups.
Our organizational structure allows us to monitor in real time the state of the requests in order to provide accurate and timely responses to our clients.
The quality is for us a fixed point. Each particle is subjected to a first check at runtime and a second final testing that validates and authorizes the delivery to the customer.

Since 2012 we adopt major resource optimization systems (Cost saving), to improve the efficiency of our processes, giving our customers a better service (added value), and increase our competitiveness on the market.
We believe in the future and we believe that the development and management in times of crisis are not executed through the devaluation of the customer/supplier relationship and mutual professionalism, but through the exploitation of the common synergies. We believe that the satisfaction of our customers is our best goal.

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